This Subdomain of 

will show You how to harness some of the spiritual forces at the Workplace...



there is a paid course called:

"Bad Boss:

How to deal with a "bad" manager". 



Actually... its not about them.

its about You...( I am not accusing you... just trying to show a hidden method...) 


This course costs €20 and its the best on knowing yourself.

Do it... You deserve a proper workload. 

What to do on the Workplace:


What to KNOW:

1) Know Your Job.

2) Know Your Limitations

3) Know Your Boundaries


What to DO:

1) Your Job.

That assignment exists out of 2 words:


and Job... 


That means: Don' t do another job.

And do your job to the best of Your abilities. 



Sometimes it is right to help a colleague though... 


Just don't do more than 75% to 85% of what you are able to do, when working hardest... 



A great guideline is: 75% of your working hours is actual work... 


Spread the workload of 3 hours intensive work over 4 relaxed working hours.


And 6 hours of hard work over 8 hours time.


You get the idea... 



Don't spend more time than neccesary with abusive colleagues... 


Only speak when spoken to, when in a room with superiors or abusive colleagues.

Do not be an active reason for agression.

( "Active" here means by your fault). 


Say No to tasks that are claiming more than Your daily workload.


( that is 75% of your hired hours)... 


Say No to overtime when it interferes with your Free Time.

and Stick to it. 


Dare to say NO to too much work.

Use a Schematic sheet on Your workload when You do this. 


In that way, a boss can visualize the problem and cannot succesfully argue against it. 


When Applying for a job, Be honest to Your Superiors when You have medication and or a physical or mental limitation. 


And Respect Your Colleagues.... 

Dealing with Superiors:



Save a (By You and Your Superiors), Signed threefold piece of Every agreement between You and Your Superiors in a Folder...


Save incidents and Quarrels between Superiors and You in another (written) notebook.


(Not your laptop).


It will Help both You and Your Superiors on Your way...